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World’s most unusual homes

World’s most unusual homes: Unveiling History’s Architectural Oddities. Here some of the amazing list:

1956 House with Medieval Charm

©Ouest France François Boscher

This captivating house, built in 1956 and not 1509 as some sources claim, resides in the beautiful Normandy region of France. The surrounding area boasts charming and historically rich villages.

A Mix of Urban and Rural Life

The 15,000 residents of the area enjoy a blend of urban and rural living, with lifestyles varying depending on their location within the town.

World's most Unusual Homes.
©Ouest France François Boscher

Helleren Farmhouses

Norways hidden home

The Helleren Farmhouses are located in Jøssingfjord, Norway. These unique houses have stood since the 1800s thanks to their location under a massive rock overhang.

This natural shelter protects them from rain, snow, wind, and even falling rocks. Today, the farmhouses are abandoned and preserved as a historical site by the Dalane Folk Museum.

Grass-roofed houses

Mesmerizing home in Norway

These traditional grass-roofed houses are located in the village of Leynar, in the Faroe Islands. They are known for their unique roofing style, which consists of layers of turf and vegetation.

The grass provides insulation, protects the structures from rainwater and leaks, and complements the surrounding landscape, making them visually appealing.

Castel Meur: A Sheltered Gem in Plougrescant

Photo by: dominicboudreault[IG]

Built in 1861, Castel Meur is one of the World’s most unusual homes, it nestles between two massive boulders in the charming French town of Plougrescant. This small cottage house stands as a testament to both human ingenuity and the power of nature.

Constructed during a period with fewer building restrictions, Castel Meur’s unique location served a practical purpose. The house sits nestled between the boulders, which act as a natural shield against the often-violent coastal weather. This ingenious design has ensured the house’s resilience for over 160 years.

Weird building in France

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