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The MS World Discoverer

The MS World Discoverer
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The MS World Discoverer was once a majestic expedition cruise ship, now rests in a watery grave off the coast of the Solomon Islands.

From Great Lakes to Global Explorer

The MS World Discoverer’s story began in 1974, built in Germany by its original owner. Initially christened the BEWA Discoverer, the ship set sail on the Great Lakes, offering cruises between Chicago and Montreal.

In 1976, The Adventure Cruises Incorporation acquired the ship. This new chapter saw the ship embarking on a more adventurous path.

By 1987, Society Expeditions Cruises secured a long-term charter for the World Discoverer. This move transformed the ship into an expedition vessel, catering to curious passengers seeking explorations to exotic destinations around the globe. The World Discoverer, equipped with a strengthened hull to navigate polar regions, traversed the world, carrying explorers and adventurers to new frontiers.

However, the ship’s adventurous journey took an unfortunate turn in 2000.

While cruising near the Solomon Islands, the MS World Discoverer struck an underwater obstacle. The impact caused significant damage, and the captain, prioritizing the safety of his passengers, steered the wounded vessel towards a nearby beach. Thankfully, all on board were successfully evacuated.

A salvage operation was attempted but ultimately abandoned due to rough seas and tensions with a local tribe. The MS World Discoverer simply remained grounded, slowly succumbing to the elements.

World Discoverer
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Today, the skeletal remains of the ship serve as a haunting reminder of the ocean’s power and the impermanence of even grand vessels. Tourists and passing cruise ships can sometimes be seen gawking at the rusting hulk, a silent testament to the ship’s once-proud journey across the world’s oceans.

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