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The most incredible staircases on Earth

The most incredible staircases on Earth do not just offer a way up but offer a unique experience, and sometimes, the most awe-inspiring journeys. Staircases are often overlooked as a means of getting from point A to point B, but they can be architectural marvels in their own right.

1. The Karavolades Stairs.

The Karavolades Stairs

The Karavolades Stairs are a long and winding staircase that connects the clifftop town of Fira to the old port of Gialos in Santorini, Greece. Made up of over 580 steps, the climb can be challenging. However, the stunning views of the caldera and the Aegean Sea make the effort worthwhile.

2. The iconic Haiku Stairs.

The haiku staircase

The iconic Haiku Stairs is one of The Most Incredible Staircases on Earth, nicknamed “Stairway to Heaven,” in Honolulu, met its demise this April 2024. This decision, however, was a long time coming. The stairs were never officially sanctioned and posed a significant safety hazard. Hundreds of rescues and trespassing citations over the years solidified the city’s stance.

Honolulu officials prioritized public safety in their decision. The steep, uneven terrain with limited guardrails presented a high risk for injury. The influx of trespassers also disrupted nearby residents who faced parking issues and noise disturbances.

The demolition wasn’t without controversy. Supporters, like the “Friends of Haiku Stairs” group, argued for controlled access to preserve the hike’s cultural significance and economic benefits from tourism. However, the city ultimately deemed the liability and maintenance costs too high, leading to the removal of this infamous landmark.

Photo by: mike.karas[IG]

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