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The Floating Bridge in Zaryadye Park

The Floating Bridge in Zaryadye Park, Moscow, boasts a unique design and offers stunning views of the city. Here’s a closer look at its recent history and architectural details:


The bridge was officially inaugurated in September 2017, marking the culmination of Zaryadye Park’s revitalization project. This relatively new addition has quickly become a popular attraction for both locals and tourists.

The floating bridge
Credit: Arnold Pinto/menews247


The bridge’s design is the brainchild of Diller Scofidio + Renfro, a renowned architectural firm. Here are some key aspects of its architecture:

  • V-Shaped Design: The bridge adopts a distinctive V-shape that extends outwards from the park and overhangs the Moskva River. This creates a sense of openness and allows for panoramic views of the city skyline on both sides.
  • Cantilevered Structure: As mentioned earlier, the bridge utilizes a cantilevered design. The main section projects out from the park side, with hidden supports embedded in the embankment providing stability. This creates the illusion of the bridge floating in mid-air.
  • Material Mix: The bridge features a combination of materials:
    • Concrete Bearing Structure: The core structure is made of strong and durable concrete, ensuring the bridge can handle significant weight.
    • Metal Decorative Elements: Decorative metal elements adorn the bridge, adding a touch of elegance and complementing the modern aesthetic.
    • Wooden Deck: The walkway itself is constructed with wood, providing a warm and comfortable surface for pedestrians.
Floating bridge in Moscow
Credit: Arnold Pinto/menews247

A Blend of Beauty and Innovation:

The unique V-shape, cantilevered design, and mix of materials combine to create a visually striking and modern bridge. It seamlessly blends with the park’s landscaping while offering breathtaking views of Moscow. The Floating Bridge in Zaryadye Park serves not only as a pedestrian pathway but also as a landmark and a testament to innovative architecture.

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