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The Beauty Crown Hotel: A Unique Tropical Paradise

The Hotel is a unique and mesmerizing complex located on Hainan Island in China. Hainan, a tropical island province nestled in the South China Sea. It is known for its lush rainforests, beautiful beaches, and mountainous surroundings. This pristine location adds to the allure of the Beauty Crown Hotel.

Amazing view of the crown hotel
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Luxurious Accommodations and Unconventional Design

Described by some as a 7-star establishment, the Beauty Crown Hotel offers luxurious accommodations and amenities. Its design is truly unconventional, featuring nine skyscraper towers resembling giant green trees.

The building is constructed with prefabricated elements, not unlike Lego bricks.

Imposing Size and Diverse Offerings

The Beauty Crown Hotel
Photo by: Micro payment photos inc

The hotel’s size is truly magnificent. Boasting a staggering 6,600 rooms.

It also houses a multitude of shops, restaurants, bars, and cultural centers, offering guests a diverse range of activities and experiences.

Historical Significance, Though Recent

While its historical significance may be limited due to its recent completion in 2014, the Amazing Hotel does hold a special place in the world of pageantry.

Its “Crown of Beauty Theatre,” a large venue, has reportedly hosted the Miss World pageant on several occasions.

Guest Reviews: A Mixed Bag

Reviews for the Beauty Crown Hotel are mixed. Guests appreciate the basic amenities like free Wi-Fi, pool, and breakfast, along with the convenient location. Which is close to attractions and the availability of free parking.

However, some drawbacks are noted, including a repetitive breakfast with limited options. The occasional housekeeping issues, and a distance from major tourist areas, requiring taxi use. This distance can also lead to a feeling of isolation, especially during off-peak seasons.

Overall: Budget-Friendly with Trade-Offs.

Despite its drawbacks, the Beauty Crown Hotel remains a budget-friendly option. The choice ultimately depends on your priorities. If you prioritize a luxurious experience with a central location, this might not be the best fit.

However, if you’re looking for a unique and affordable place to stay with plenty of on-site activities and amenities, the Beauty Crown Hotel could be a good option for you.

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