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Ring roads in Beijing, China.

Beijing has an extensive network of ring roads that encircle the city at various distances from the center. These roads play a vital role in managing traffic flow within the sprawling metropolis.

  • The 2nd Ring Road: This is the innermost ring road and surrounds the historic city center. It is no longer an expressway and is intended for slower local traffic.

Photo credit: Wikimedia commons.
  • The 3rd Ring Road: This ring road is also intended for local traffic and encircles the core urban area.
  • The 4th Ring Road: This is the first ring road designated as an expressway, and it separates the inner and outer areas of the city.
Photo credit: Research gate
  • The 5th Ring Road (Wuzhuan Road): This expressway forms a complete loop around central Beijing.
Photo credit: Research gate
  • The 6th Ring Road (G4501 Beijing Expressway): This ring road is a major highway that encircles the entire urban area and connects to other expressways leading to other parts of China.
Photo credit: Wikipedia
  • The 7th Ring Road (G95 Capital Area Loop Expressway): This recently completed highway is the outermost ring road and is not entirely within the Beijing municipality. It is designed to alleviate traffic congestion on the other ring roads and to better connect Beijing with neighboring Tianjin and Hebei province.


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