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The Penang bridge: The Longest bridge in SouthEast Asia

The Penang Bridge ranks among the longest in Southeast Asia, pushing the boundaries of engineering

The majestic Bridge is a 13.5-kilometer (8.4-mile) dual carriageway toll bridge located at the state of Penang, Malaysia. It connects Butterworth, which is the mainland side with Gelugor on the island. 

The Penang Bridge was inaugurated on 14th September, 1984 and in 2014. It is the first and the only bridge connecting the peninsula and the island. The bridge is also the second-longest bridge over water in Malaysia, with a length of 8.4 kilometers (5.2 miles).

The Penang Bridge
Photo by: simonkemoster[IG]

Here are some interesting facts about the Penang Bridge:

  • Construction started in 1982 and was inaugurated in 1985.
  • The bridge has an overall length of 13.5 km (8.4 miles) 
  • The 225 m main span is 33 m above water, held up by four 101.5 m towers.
  • The carriageway has 3 lanes in each direction and a speed limit of 70–80 km/h (43–50 mph).
  • The bridge has an emergency layby equipped with SOS phone. Traffic CCTV and Variable Message Sign are installed at all locations along the bridge.
  • The bridge carries a Tenaga Nasional 132kV power cable.

According to Dr. Wan Arif, the professor of transportation  engineering, “The Penang Bridge stands as a testament to Malaysia’s engineering prowess. It revolutionized transportation between the island and mainland, boosting the economy and trade. However, we must acknowledge the growing traffic congestion and explore solutions like a light rail transit system to ensure the bridge’s long-term functionality.” – Dr. Wan Arif, Professor of Transportation

The Penang Bridge at night
Photo by: mercilessjun[IG]
Penang bridge
Photo by: pingtm[IG]

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