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Burj Al Babas in Turkey

Burj Al Babas, located near Mudurnu, Turkey is a luxurious resort community featuring hundreds of French-inspired châteaus. However, the impressive project was unfortunately abandoned due to financial difficulties.

Photo by: @hobopeeba[IG]
Burj Al Babas’ construction kicked off in 2014, fueled by an ambitious vision. The developers aimed to complete the project within four years, employing a workforce of roughly 2,500. Initial sales were incredibly promising, with nearly half of the planned châteaus selling in advance.

Photo by: @hobopeeba[IG]
An architect specializing in large-scale developments commented,”With 732 châteaus planned, such a project required a constant stream of investment and sales to stay afloat. An economic downturn like the one triggered by falling oil prices disrupted that flow, making it difficult to complete the project within the initial timeframe and budget.”

As of 2021, only 587 of the originally planned 732 houses were even started, with very few reaching the landscaping stage. The entire project now sits as a haunting reminder of unfulfilled dreams, with hundreds of empty, French-inspired châteaus slowly deteriorating amidst the Turkish landscape.

“The future of Burj Al Babas remains uncertain. Will it ever be completed, or will it forever stand as a silent testament to grand ambitions gone awry? Only time will tell.”

Photos thanks to: @hobopeeba[IG]







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