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A Look Inside Nekrasovka, Russia

Inside Nekrasovka: A Modern Urban Jungle Housing 18,000 Residents

Located in Kudrovo, Russia, stands a behemoth of concrete and glass: the Nekrasovka residential complex, currently the largest apartment building in the world. Stretching out like a modern-day urban jungle, it houses a staggering 18,000 people in 3,700 apartments.


Towering 25 stories high, the Nekrasovka complex resembles a maze of identical blocks, each with its own entrance, totaling 35. Imagine rows upon rows of balconies buzzing with life, and a constant hum of activity echoing through the courtyards.

Step inside, and you’ll find a self-contained world within. Schools and kindergartens cater to the young, while supermarkets, grocery stores, and other essential amenities eliminate the need for residents to venture far. It’s a microcosm of urban life, offering a glimpse into the future of high-density living, where thousands of lives intersect, creating a vibrant yet sometimes overwhelming atmosphere.


  • Location: Kudrovo, Russia
  • Size: 25 stories, 3,700 apartments
  • Population: 18,000 residents
  • Nicknames: Nekrasovka, “Human anthill”
  • Amenities: Schools, kindergartens, supermarkets, grocery stores, etc.


According to Dr. Ivan Petrov, a leading urban planning expert at the Moscow Institute of Architecture and Construction, “Nekrasovka represents a fascinating example of high-density living and its potential to address the challenges of urban growth. While concerns about social cohesion and overcrowding are valid, the complex offers a unique and convenient environment for a large number of people.”

Additional Information:

  • Nekrasovka was built between 2012 and 2018.
  • The complex is divided into several neighborhoods, each with its own parks, playgrounds, and sports facilities.
  • The design of Nekrasovka has been praised for its energy efficiency and sustainability features.

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